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Mar 3


In the last few decades, outsourcing has gained popularity and has decidedly changed the way business is done around the world. Outsourcing means that a company in a developed country hires workers in a developing country where wages and regulatory costs are lower and there are tax benefits that are not available in their own countries. Other incentives to outsourcing include quicker turnaround time, improved performance, ability to downsize without legal complications, quicker time to market, risk management, and the ability to channel funds that would otherwise go into payrolls to core business activities. Some companies also outsource because of uncertainties about the political and/or business climate where they are.


More than ever, businesses depend on web development because the Internet has become the number one venue for marketing campaigns. This is why the design of a website is very important and cannot be left to inexperienced hands. Any old website just won’t do. A website that aims to effectively sell a product or service must have a layout and a design that attracts potential customers, must contain relevant business and product information, and must be optimized for specific keywords that will help increase the website’s online presence.


Affordability – Probably the biggest incentive for offshore software outsourcing is the lower cost of salary and lower regulatory costs of overseas workers. This is sometimes taken to mean that the service is of lower quality, but this is not necessarily the truth. If you are considering outsourcing web development, then you should be able to get a good deal for web development services. Perform some extensive research on which web development companies provide the best value for money. Make sure that the web developer or web development company’s services are backed by expert knowledge and years of experience.

Expertise – Just because a web development company is in a developing country doesn’t mean that it can only provide services that are of substandard quality. In fact, many business experts and CEOs point out that one of the main reasons for outsourcing is the flood of IT talent overseas, particularly in countries such as the Philippines and India. When outsourcing web development services, it would be wise to check the company’s or the web developer’s portfolio to get a good gauge of the kind of outcome they can provide. Make sure that they understand the need for Internet marketing campaigns that are fresh and websites that are well-designed, attract traffic, and contain relevant information.

Keyword Optimization – A website without visitors is a useless website. Make sure that you drive traffic towards your website by utilizing a technique called search engine optimization. If you are outsourcing web development services, make sure that the web developer or the company knows how to optimize a website for keywords that you provide. These keywords should be those related to the product/s or service/s that you are offering.

Communication – This is a crucial factor in any business transaction, but more so when you are dealing with overseas employees. Before you sign the deal, make sure that you are able to communicate effectively with the web development company and any of its employees that you will be working with. Communication between you and your workers will greatly affect the outcome of the whole project. Make sure that the company will be able to follow instructions carefully and that they will respond to queries and complaints promptly. Make sure that the web development company’s personnel are able to fully understand your language and that, even if they are in a different time zone, they can be reached during your office hours.


When working with an outsourced programmer, test early, test often, and test everything. Remember that the earlier an error is found, the cheaper it is to fix. Because an outsourced programmer will be working on his own computers, ask him or her to upload his progress regularly (daily or weekly, depending on what is convenient) to your servers. This way, you will be able to see incremental changes and catch and fix issues without them affecting the rest of the work.

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