Agile Testing


When your product comes in finishing phase testing process is expected to start as son new build is out, and existing bug reported in shortest time as it possible. Our team guarantee to laid down on the quality of the deliverable in sprite of short time frame which will further help in reducing  the cost of development, and prevention of possible defects to come to end user.

First advantage that your company gets is to save time and money. There is less documentation required though documents help to a great deal in verifying and validating the requirements but considering the time frame of the project, this approach leads to focus more on the application rather than documenting the things. Since it is iterative in its form, it tends to have a regular feedback from the end user so that the same can be implemented as soon as possible. And because all phases of SDLC need to be completed very quickly, there is a transparency to each individual working on the project with the status of each phase.

Another advantage that Agile Methodology offers to other approaches available is that in case there is any Change request or enhancements come in between any phase, it can be implemented without any budget constraint though there needs to be some adjustment in the already allotted time frame which will not be a difficult task for the projects following Agile tactics. 

Daily meetings and discussions for the project following Agile approach can help to determine the issues well in advance and work on it accordingly. Quick coding and Testing makes the management aware of the gaps existing in either requirements or technology used and can try to find the workaround for the same.

Continuous testing is the only way to ensure steady progress and continuous

Agile Testingquality. We have successfully executed a number of assignments in which we demonstrated ‘Agile Testing Competency’ by delivering projects of the highest quality standards.

Our proposition

Testers are integral part of any scrum team. They are valued Agile team members. CoreQuality Solutions fulfills this role by assigning a ‘Test Specialist’ in every Agile software development team. If the customer has its own development team, we can offer testers who can be a part of customer’s existing scrum development team(s).