Automated Testing


Core Quality Solutions automation service provides our clients real benefits and optimum results using automated platform for web application testing. Automated testing extends capabilities of testing team, increasing the efficiency of their work in quality control of the software product under test. With our experience test automation services we provide high quality testing solutions to make the project a success.

Traditionally, testing is done by test engineers or QA staff. It involves manually setting up a test environment, entering test data and gathering test results. In small case testing, where a person is needed to verify results manual testing is proffered method.

For large scale testing, where are large amounts of informations and repetitiveness, automated testing not only makes the process faster and more efficient, it also reduces risk of human error and therefore increasing the overall quality of test.

What are benefits of automated testing?

- Cost reduction
- Automated tools run test cases significantly faster than human operator
- You can use same test for different versions of application, even if user interface is changed
- Number of resources for regression test are reduced
- Shorted development time by accelerating testing cycles