Gaming and Gambling Testing


There is no area of application development that is currently hotter than games and gaming. But if your application isn’t tested under real-world conditions, you run the risk of costing you in terms of user loyalty and revenue.

Working with some of the most successful gaming companies on the planet, CoreQuality Solutions has helped companies of all sizes test their products across all types of criteria, including:

  • Functionality: Does your product function as intended in all environments? With CoreQuality Solutions, game developers can ensure their application works the same under different browsers, OS, devices, social media platforms and other environments.
  • Security: Your business is as much at risk as your users. CoreQuality Solutions security testers can help make sure your users encounter a safe, secure gaming experience.
  • Load & Performance: For gaming applications with large audiences, ensuring peak performance is an absolute must. CoreQuality Solutions helps gaming companies with real testers and the latest in simulated technology.
  • Localization: Your application has just gone global – good work! But to make sure that your localization process was a success, CoreQuality Solutions have expert testers in your local market of choice to validate translations and other common problems.
  • Usability: Gamer’s don’t like to read instructions, so will they still understand your product? With the help of a dedicated our expert to conduct surveys and compose research reports, we can help you launch games users love to play.