Software testing


As an outsourcing development company we deliver high-quality and all-round Software Testing and Quality Assurance services which will help your company to develop bug-free software and succeed with it in the market. We will provide you with a complete range of test and program development services for all your business needs.

Why to use CoreQuality Solutions services?

- We will be cost effective. Using our services you can save a lot of founds compared with employing an in-house QA engineer, QA team or going it alone.

- We provide you with quick, effective and flexible solution. Our clients buy as much or as little as your business requires.

- We give you our Experience and Expertise. We have very experienced team that will respond to all your business demands and request.

- All in one place.

You do not have to wait until the development process is finished to start with test on your product. We offer process that should occur simultaneously with the development process. This will save your company considerable amount of money, as well as time needed for debugging, and the most important it will enhance your reputation and improve overall user satisfaction of your product.

CoreQuality Solutions will provide you with experienced test team for short-term, mid-term and long-term engagement. Our test team will offer you Minimum risks, smooth collaboration and zero of time waist.