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CoreQuality Solutions is independent software development and QA outsourcing company which delivers high-quality and all-round Software Application development and Quality Assurance services. Our team consists of highly experienced and motivated QA engineers, IT developers and experts who are ready to provide fast, professional and cost effective services and solutions.

Quality Assurance

Our Project Testing Services help you improve the quality, reliability and performance of your IT systems, faster-time to market for your applications and reduce your testing cost. Our testing outsourcing and QA services guarantee the highest quality, reliability, low cost, and enhanced usability.

Software Development

With a team of skilled professionals our work strategy is always client and their market centered. CoreQuality Solutions provides a wide range of services such as Software outsourcing services, Web application development, Cloud Computing, SharePoint services, Mobile applications, Embedded solutions, CRM development, Testing solutions, CMS development to different sectors.

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JavaScript Frameworks for Big Projects

March 20th by admin

JavaScript is today one of the most popular programming languages and it is not by accident that is so. If you just take a look at some of Google’s products like gmail, google docs etc you will see that the possibilities are endless. Whether we like it or not Modern Web Applications needs a lot of JavaScript(in some web apps the amount of it is even greater than server side code).


March 3rd by admin

In the last few decades, outsourcing has gained popularity and has decidedly changed the way business is done around the world. Outsourcing means that a company in a developed country hires workers in a developing country where wages and regulatory costs are lower and there are tax benefits that are not available in their own countries.